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These are the general steps to get the work done.


First, please provide me an outline of your project via email or by using the form here . I'll get back to you within 2 business days.


The consultation process is done using email or messaging apps. After we discuss the budget, schedule, licensing etc..., I will assemble them into the "Client Artist Agreement" *.


Upon your approval, I will make a rough draft and send it to you by email. If you require any major corrections or changes, please let me know at this stage.


After receiving your feedback, I will proceed to detailed coloring and finishing. Even though the work is an analog process, I can still fine-tune the colors digitally. Please note: There will be extra charge and time for any major correction at this point. 


Delivery will be made by email or to the online storage.

Please make a final confirmation.


I will issue an invoice once the delivery is completed. Please transfer  the fee to the designated account.

* "Client Artist Agreement"

This agreement formalises our relationship for the commissioned work and allows all work to proceed smoothly.

Please read here for charges, copyright and other request for commissioning

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